Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Oh where, oh where have I been?

I have really been around since the last time I blogged! Around & Around.... Around enough to deem a fresh blogging start!

Hello all...I am Jessica Russo. I have a lot on my mind a lot of the time & this is where I may just let some of it out...

A little bit about ME... I have just been saved. Do you know & RESPECT what that means? You can't know without having respect for it and you can't respect it if you don't KNOW it. I am a little child in my faith, if you will...

1 John 2:12-14

12 "I write to you, little children,
because your sins are forgiven you for
His name's sake...."

Aside from this saving, I have also been saved in another way... I have found my way back on the path I know He has planned for me.
Psalm 119:105
"Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path."

I am a new graduate student at the University of South Florida, my alma mater! GO BULLS! I have attempted the grad school thing before, but found myself unfocused by my hypocritical lifestyle. How can I go to school with aspirations of a counseling future for those with eating disorders, body image disorders and low self-esteem if I was living with all of the above?! Surprise, wasn't working. So here I am, currently living with my mom, free of rent (woohoo) in the lovely (drab) Spring Hill, commuting to the university in which I love in so many ways, USF, pursuing my master's in Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling. And, boy, does it feel wonderful & great & just RIGHT! :))) Big smiles...