Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Reebok Easy-tones: Wear these & wait...just don't hold your breath.

Anyone ever heard of Reebok Easy-tone shoes? Ya know, the shoes that shape the perfect bottom (whatever that means) and tone the perfect (??) legs? Reebok has called them "your secret advantage". But, is there such an advantage? Their advertisements claim to increase muscle tone anywhere from 10-28%.

This line of advertisements from Reebok is just like many of the mixed societal messages media portrays. They blast ways to "become perfect" but, how do you become perfect when perfect doesn't exist? Perfect...? Says who? Says what? What the hell does perfect mean? As a society, we don't just buy into these perfect ideals, we live for them.

These ideals that are so cleverly designed to appeal... they're fake. A facade. A gimmick.

Is that what you're looking for? Don't be a sucker. It's an overpriced gimmick.

Media advertisement is a multi-billion dollar overpriced gimmick. Ethical issue? I think so... We are taught not to lie, to tell the truth, to abide oaths and follow orders and rules. Where's the rules in advertisements? They don't play by rules. They make their own rules. They make their own rules, their own "perfects"and they do it through false claims and computer technologies, airbrushing and photoshop. Reebok made sure to find "perfect" women to use in their advertisements... I'm sure no woman was "perfect" enough for them, actually. But, they never had to be really "perfect", they just get really touched up.

Is this what you're looking for?

Really Reebok? Really? Seriously? So I just gotta put on the shoes and I will make my boobs jealous of my super toned, "perfect" rear end? Really? This is blatant objectification of women...


Nah, I don't think its sexy. It's blatant and as far as I'm concerned it's blatantly unethical. Don't be a sucker. It's a gimmick...an overpriced, unethical, pitiful gimmick.

Advertisements like these from Reebok are everywhere. Don't buy into it. The Federal Trade Committee ain't buying it. And, you really shouldn't either.

Enjoy that $25M lawsuit, Reebok. You deserve it. And you ain't the only ones who do...

The Reebok Easy-Tone shoe demise

FTC says: Get your refund here

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