Thursday, December 15, 2011

What's it take to be an "Angel"?

...who knows what these girls really do before they hit this runway. In case you didn't know, the Victoria's Secret 16th Annual Runway Fashion show hit the airs of CBS recently.

There were rumors of what these girls ate (more accurately, what these girls DIDN'T eat) for up to 2 weeks before the big show.

Really? Is this necessary? Is the amount these models weigh, or don't weigh, really necessary?

Is the below an example of what girls growing into women really need to look up to and strive for? Is this what runway perfection really needs to look like?

Personally, I could NEVER look like that. I would be emaciated to the point of near death if I looked like that.

But, do I, for a shear moment, think that I SHOULD/NEED/HAVE TO look like that in order to be "angelic" and worthy? Yeah, honestly. I cannot lie. I do, for a moment. But then, I take a deep breathing step back, really look at these (frail) women and think.... really?

Curves. The only curves these girls have are in their bust line and pelvic bones. Sexy?

Is this Victoria's Secret version of sexy? Very Sexy? Dreamy Angel? Showstopping? Unforgettable? Miraculous? All of these describe VS's lingerie line's names. But, is the below really show-stopping and miraculous and unforgettable? Well, yeah... I guess it is.

Show-stopping in the sense that their faces look show-stoppingly sunken and frail...

Miraculous in the sense that hard work (hard RESTRICTIVE work) must have been done to achieve miraculously protruding pelvic bones.

Unforgettable in the sense that I will NOT soon forget that I, I am thankful for the curves I have. I will not forget. I am thankful that my curves lie in reality and not in a restrictive, stringent, pelvic-bone-protruding facade. Thats the best most unforgettable thing I got from this show.

Pretty? Yeah, they're pretty. Sure.

Realistic? Realistic for the more realistic VS shopper? Uhhh, you tell me...

Oh hey Karlie! The model shows off her spunky side.

She sells seashells by the seashore.

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