Saturday, April 28, 2012

That whole "good enough" thing...

That whole not feeling "good enough" thing... the concept really gets to me sometimes. Sometimes I feel it is self-induced, sometimes I feel like its encouraged by outsiders. Either way, I suppose, its my choice and its my responsibility to choose the way I feel about myself.

Society and those within it always have something to say. Isn't that the truth? Sometimes its people you know, people you'd like to know, people you'd like to not know... always someone. There is always someone or some billboard or some advertisement that wants to get in our sensitive heads. They point out that there is just always something missing...

But, what is it? What's missing?

Let's talk about what "good enough" means. Or, does it even have a meaning? Could you look it up in the dictionary and find one? Let's see:

Good: of favorable character or tendency; attractive; pleasant; competent; useful

Enough: as much or as many as needed; adequate; sufficient for the purpose

Perfect: flawless and faultless; unblemished

I had to throw in the the definition of perfect. Perfect... you have got to be lying to yourself if you say you or anyone you know is perfect. Flawless? Faultless? Totally unblemished? Not a soul besides Jesus Christ can claim those silly words. So, why the heck are we striving for the impossible? And more importantly, why are we so damn surprised and feel defeated when we can't achieve what is impossible to achieve? Doesn't make sense, right?

So, "good enough"... if I had to combine the above definitions of good and enough to define "good enough", it might go like this:

Good Enough: sufficient favorable character and tendency; as useful and competent as needed for a purpose

Well, shoot! I have sufficient favorable character... at least I think I do, most of the time :)
I am useful and competent for a purpose, or multiple purposes...
I have favorable tendencies! I also have unfavorable ones, but hey, I ain't perfect!

Am I perfect? Heck no I'm not. Newsflash for all: neither are you. You aren't perfect or flawless or faultless or unblemished. And, you never ever will be. RELAX, you never ever have to be!!

Am I good enough? Heck YES I am! I have good character and I have mostly favorable tendencies! I feel I have a purpose and I do things along the lines of that purpose. I try and I smile while I'm at it! And, THAT is "good enough"! It's good enough for ME! Therefore, it should be good enough for YOU and for the society in which I am a part of.

If society tells me I am not "good enough" because I don't look a certain way or do a certain thing, I might want to ask myself a question... Who the heck decides what a certain way or certain thing is?! The dictionary doesn't define "good enough", why should society? Yo society, what the heck do you mean?! Can ya be more specific?!

Better yet, To SELF: Who am I allowing to set an undefinable definition of what is "good enough"?! WHY am I allowing it and WHEN am I going to get a common sense clue that "good enough" is all within my control, my character, my tendencies, my purpose...

Good Enough is ALL about ME. Good Enough is ALL about YOU. 

Good Enough is not a societally defined concept. Heck, its not a Webster's defined concept either!

So, if something is always missing per society or per ourselves, what the heck is it? I know!! A definition...

Do yourself a favor... create your own definition and LIVE by it. Adjust it as needed. Do what YOU want with it. After all, if you create it, you own it! You can do whatever you want with it.

Take control of what is YOURS to define. If "good enough" comes with your own personalized definition, only YOU can be the JUDGE. Now that sounds like having some power and control over your life, doesn't it? I like the sound of that. Don't you??? Well, GO CREATE IT!