Tuesday, September 7, 2010

It's been a while... and I am doing well...

I have found myself in more control then I would expect lately...over my eating, that is.

Other things in my life, not so much. Is it a "it can only be one or the other" type of thing? Emotionally, I have been a wreck lately...last 4 months lately. But, I haven't been taking it out on my eating habits like I usually do. I have worked hard to push my emotions aside; I've worked hard to make them disappear, even if just for one sad and disappointed free Friday night out in my dancing shoes. I've not been drinking every day. But, when I drink, I drink; when I drink, I just don't care. I do what I want; I say what I want; I let him know it, too.

Peter Towers...remember me mentioning him in a previous blog? He is killing me softly. And, surprisingly enough, shockingly enough to me, I am doing well; I feel like I have control and awareness of my eating disorder. At least I have control of that...

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