Thursday, August 19, 2010

Does this blog make me selfish?

Someone who I love dearly asked me why I want to "tell the world" about my issues... Hmmm... An excerpt from my journal:

My Passion

My passion is to use my weaknesses
to instill strength and hope in others.
I want to use my weaknesses as
a reason for someone to find strength.
I want to encourage and relate.
Without faith in ourselves and in each other,
where would the world leave us? Alone.
No one is alone; no one is lost on their own.
My goal is to guide and inspire, and
to instill faith and confidence in those
who suffer from what I suffered from.

I really deep down believe I am meant to make a difference in regards to all this. At the same time, her comment made me think. Hmmm, maybe this is semi-selfish. Maybe I am doing this just for me. I feel the need to get 'this' out; somewhere, anywhere. Anywhere but within the words I silently, or sometimes softly-aloud, speak to myself; words I sometimes scream to myself.

So far, I think this IS for my own good. I mean, how long can you go talking to yourself so much that you consider the chance your sanity may be fading, and sooner rather than later. Maybe I am still talking to myself, just 'on paper'. I don't know if anyone reads this. But, maybe, just maybe, someone will. Someone who needs desperately to relate; to know that there are other people out there that feel and experience what they do.

Wherever you are, I invite you to relate. It's real, I know. And, no, whoever you are, you are not crazy. You're not.

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