Wednesday, August 4, 2010

More poetry from a disordered eater

She wrote this poem in a very bad state and was having an extremely bad day at this point... Music has always been a savior to me, to her...

Music Saves Her Soul

A darkness thick as soot overwhelms her eyes
She is lost in a place where sight is invalid
With her body brittle and numb, she sits alone
Her faith is broken and her soul is fragile
Her breathes are due only to innate necessity
Feeling like a puzzle of too many scattered pieces
She fades into a silent trance, a self-induced coma
Conviction for recovery bears minimal guarantee
She searches for an escape route through melody
Reaching for play took all that she’s got
She soon gains subtle assurance within its sound
With a firm-clench in both fists and jaw
Her body begins to rock slightly; backwards, forwards
Her muscles flex as she bounces slightly staccato
Her eyes are closed, but upward she stares
The music, its moving through her saving her soul
This prayer within song tells her endure and tell Him
With the faintest murmur, she follows this lyrical lead
“It’ll be alright”, “It’ll be alright” and she believes

(partly inspired by Lauryn Hill's "Tell Him")

It will be will. Nothing lasts forever. Weight is not permanent. Changes CAN happen. Every day IS a NEW day. So, relax. It'll be alright, I promise...

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