Sunday, August 8, 2010

What "Eating to Live, Not the Alternative" means to Her

Eating to live makes sense, right? You need the nutrients and nourishment from good foods to live a healthy life. You must eat to live.

Living to eat, that's the opposite; the unhealthy. If you are someone that lives to eat, then you can probably relate to her. When she eats, it is not always to rid herself of hunger pains. No. Much more often, she eats to rid herself from emotional pains; emotional pains that she can't seem to just shake off, emotional pains that leave her feeling empty...emotionally empty. When she gets these unshakable emotional pains, she turns to her easy-to-find source of comfort and fulfillment. She turns to food. The problem with trying to fill yourself, your soul, your heart with doesn't work. And, it never will. She already knew that, she's known that for years now. Yet, she still gets caught up and let down, way down.

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