Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My sorority, my start...

I used to wonder if being in a sorority was ever the right thing for me... until just the other day.

I am a Kappa Delta alumnae from the University of South Florida. I have felt guilty with my participation, or lack there of, since even before I became an alumnae. Looking back, I did what I could handle. And, sometimes, all I could handle was a little.

Sure, I was on the executive board for 2 different years, once as Panhellenic Delegate and once as the Vice President-Standards. I lived in the house (well, I certainly never lived there...but, I did rent 1/2 of a room for 1/2 of my USF career). I attended Sunday chapter meetings and some socials. I paid my dues. I wore letters and smiled while I wore them. But, gosh... what a jovial faux I lived on in those Kay and Dee letters...

Hmmm, WOW... ummm, yeah... come to think of it... I was VP-Standards, aka Risk Management. This is where the epiphany comes into play... The realization that that VP position was the beginning of this present rise.

Sure, at the time, I was falling... falling fast into my then wretchedly twisted path of disordered eating and perfection seeking and plain out body dysmorphia!

But, still, I did rise... (Thank you, God, for teaching me and humbling to this point of being able to give myself credit. Here goes...) As VP Standards, one of my tasks was to design and present or invite a speaker to present risk management seminars. One risk management seminar I designed for my Kappa Delta sisters was about the risk of developing Eating Disorders as a college student. I spoke and I taught, I presented and I disclosed, all about the most devastating topic in my life, my disordered eating and disordered eating in general. What I didn't do is realize and admit to how much of a problem it still was for me at that present time. No, I didn't tell the truth about that...

That's really how this all started...in 2006. I just didn't know what had started. But, here I am, in mid-2011 and, here it goes...

Here I go and, I. Am. NOT. Stopping!

Here, in present time, I am looking to go further. My most passionate of missions is seeking to grow personally and professionally and to grow through Eating to Live, Not the Alternative. So, naturally, for my hopeful start at public speaking, I am going to my roots. My Delta Eta, Kappa Delta roots. I am seeking to do the same thing I did when I started before I even knew I started! But, Better! Bigger! And, with a-whole-lot more perfectly-imperfectly seriously-personal education.

My will and my hope is to start really using my passion to fulfill my ultimately divine purpose: Promoting positive body image and the prevention and awareness of eating disorders. I hope to start where I left off...right in the very same Kappa Delta chapter room at the University of South Florida. All they, my new never-have-been-met KD sisters, have to do is say yes to my risk-management guest-speaking request...and, I'm off... Off to touch some lives!

What an amazingly fulfilling life I will lead if I can just speak and touch and show and tell and promote and, God willing, prevent and educate!

Please, God, let the public speaking begin for: Promoting positive body image and the prevention and awareness of eating disorders.

Prayers are welcomed :)

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