Friday, August 19, 2011

Yes! I AM Powerful...

Woooo! I am feeling good... I am feeling strong... I am feeling confident. You should, too!

You know why? Eating to Live... and, spinning to live... what a way to live!

I just rocked my unofficial spinning mix CD (well, on the elliptical, but, still...)

I felt the music and I felt the power. MY POWER.

My power doesn't come from diets or from restricting and it sure the heck doesn't come from binging or purging... NO, absolutely not.

My power comes from way deeper than that. My power comes from my soul.

My soul that food cannot satisfy nor can it destroy.
My soul that is unique and perfectly imperfect.
My soul that is capable and damn powerful.

My powerful soul does not let my days of Living to Eat bury me 6 feet under.


My powerful soul keeps me treading water at the very least and minimum until I can lift up my head and say:


At any time or on any NEW day, I can regain my power...because, I ALWAYS was powerful and I will ALWAYS be POWERFUL!!

Want to feel powerful, too?? Look to your soul... don't look towards earthly things or earthly ideals... look within.

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