Sunday, March 27, 2011

Alcohol...oh, alcohol

I decided that I am taking a break from drinking... it's not going to be very long. From today, Sunday 3/27-Thursday April 7th. 12 days... doesn't sound like a while at all. However, I really can't remember the last time I went more than a week without a drink in, like, ever... I don't mean that I get drunk and stupid all the time. But, I do usually have a drink, or 2, almost daily... its usually wine after work. It's relaxing to me at night. But, I think its time to find another relaxer that doesn't involve a "drug". Here it goes... I'll be blogging through the next 2 weeks I hope, too.

She is scared of this...having a drink or 2 takes the edge off the compulsive thoughts of eating food or not eating food. It makes it easier for her to overeat...and that's a big reason why I want to take this break. She needs no excuse to overeat. Her head needs to be clear and conscious. I want to see how she does.

Plus, I need to break the habit... I shouldn't be drinking as much as I do. This is to prove it to myself that I can do this. And, honestly, I'm nervous. I know I'll want a drink...

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