Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Calories in food vs alcohol

She is so quick to concern herself of the calories in an apple or a piece of cheese or a cookie or a piece of pizza. She obsesses about the foods, works out and thinks "okay, this machine says I burnt 300 calories, that means that string cheese and the all-natural peanut butter I had on my whole wheat english muffin this morning are probably gone now, so I am okay, I'll be okay (or now I can eat more...)"

When she drinks alcohol, she's not so concerned about those calories...those empty, worthless, nutrition-less calories. She gives herself a hard time about eating an organic protein bar when she gets home from work but, she'll down 1, 2, 3 glasses of wine at 120 empty calories each to "relax". Guess that doesn't really seem to make much great sense...

And, worse, after she drinks, she is MUCH less likely to be able to control the obsessive impulse to overeat. This means not only does she drink in likely over 350 empty alcoholic calories, she also takes in other calories from the random food that ends up on her lonely mind...her mind has got a mind of it's own, and it doesn't need any encouragement from a loss of inhibition!

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