Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A logotherapeutic view of her suffering

I am sitting at the library at my University of South Florida (yes, its mine :) ). I am writing a reflection paper on Victor E. Frankl's Man's Search for Meaning. He is the founder of logotherapy. Logos is latin for meaning. Logotherapy is all about finding deeper meanings of one's life. The following excerpt I had to share:

The meaning of life is momentous based, not a constant. Meaning of life is also extremely subjective and personal. People can only answer what their life means by looking to himself; by being responsible for deciding and working to achieve whatever endeavors he feels are personally self-actualizing.

For a long time, I questioned what I was put on this Earth for. I have been interested in different avenues, so to speak, but never felt drawn enough to one to actually pursue it. The world of psychology was brought to my life as an elective. During which time, I was struggling to maintain a sense of peace and was faced with a rough eating disordered battle. Fast forwarding to present day, I now know exactly what it is I am here for. I have brought great and positive meaning to my life-experience as a disordered eater.

My attitude and my belief is that I was meant to suffer; I was meant to know exactly what the authentic hideousness of such a disease can feel like. I was meant to know exactly how hard it is to overcome and how the process of overcoming never ends; the work never stops. I was meant to know that this hard work is amazingly worthwhile and that even in the darkest of hours, it never becomes impossible to surpass. What amazing feelings to know I have all of this genuine knowledge that absolutely will help others surpass and overcome as well. Quite literally, with tears in my eyes, I can stand tall and say: I know the meaning of my life; I know the meaning of my suffering. I am so thankful and humbled to know it.

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