Tuesday, April 12, 2011

5 minute rule...

I was reminded today of a technique she has used in her past. I will coin this the 5-minute rule...


I have just come out of it. I have just broke out of the trance. I have just snapped out of the mindless binge eating episode that just-like-that happened. I just came to the realization that for the past few minutes, I have stood there, in front of the pantry and/or fridge, and I have just consumed lots and lots of calories without even taking a seat or making a plate :::insert gasp:::

Possible Solution:

Purge...immediately. Take control of my mistake...the binge. Take control...purge. She has to try to get back her control...isn't it control? Isn't it control to rid myself of this mistake?

Alternative Solution:

5-minute rule... a personal time-out of sorts... a time to breath... a time to possibly listen to one of my favorite in-that-moment songs (i.e. Superwoman by Alicia Keys or Tell Him by Lauryn Hill)... a 5-minute pause to give myself a chance to make a choice... a choice to REALLY take CONTROL of herself right now. Do not purge. Do not contribute to the purge devil on my left just because the binge devil on the right already won.

1. Purge, head down.
2. Walk away, head up.

Choose 2. Choose will power. Choose choice! Choice is freedom. Choice is control. Choose to walk away, head up!

...it doesn't always work but, when it does, its powerful. She feels empowered again. She might have lost step one of that battle...she did just binge. However!...she didn't lose it all. She stood up for herself. She stood up to half the devil...she took and conquered that step. More than half way there...Success.

And it only took 5 minutes...

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