Monday, March 14, 2011

Counseling 101

Counseling. After all this time, she finally finds herself here.

How very far she's come on her own, yet, how very much farther from where she and her perfection-ista mind, heart, body, want to be.

She envies those who walk around, who walk up and about, who look...comfortable. Is it possible that they, unlike her, actually live comfortably in their skin? Are there some who can go on and about without an ever-anxious concern for their measure of self-worth, sitting, shaking, trembling on their seemingly confident shoulders? Well, for her, more like on her stomach, legs, tricep, butt... Amazed, she almost stares... I wonder what that's like. No, she wonders what that's like. Something she can only imagine to be peace; life; living.

If only she could live freely, easily. If only she could live; if only she could consistently eat to live, not the alternative.

Counseling... we'll see how much farther it can take her towards peace; towards life in peace.

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