Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Behind me, right beside me...

Everyone has probably heard the statement "Behind every great man is a great woman."
Yes, of course, I would venture to say, agreed! But, what is it that makes that woman behind that man great?

I have recently fallen in love. Wow...such an amazing thing. Incomparable, really. I have a great man. I can see myself being a great woman behind him; a great woman supporting him; a great woman caring for and loving him forever. What a blessing to be that woman behind this man. I love him. Together, we are going to do amazing things...

The man that I love, Galo, is far away...just far enough that we cannot just pick up and see each other whenever we choose. I am in Tampa going to school and living in Spring Hill with my mom in the meantime. He is in West Palm Beach; West Palm Beach is our home town. West Palm Beach is 4 hours from Spring Hill...ugh. Far enough...

He came to see me the other day, Sunday night. He left my side today, just a couple hours ago. Such a sad and uncomfortable sight...seeing the man you have just recently fallen in love with drive away and know that he's driving a distance that will prevent you from seeing him again for a while...3 1/2 weeks worth of a while. A certainly long enough while... You can't say goodbye the right way. You can't kiss enough times... you can't cry, because then he'll cry... So, you just do just say goodbye and watch him leave... (insert long, extensive sigh)

Then its me. Standing in my room alone. Breathing due to innate necessity. Staring the distant stare. What to do...what does she want to do?? And, repeat. I'm sad, so she really wants to take over. There is a spin class that I should go to. It starts at 6:30, an hour from now. But, if it's going to be left to her...not gonna happen. As I and she are battling, my phone rings. Its Galo :)

"Baby, don't be sad. Be happy we got to spend the last 3 days together. I know what you're thinking. You want to just sulk and you know it won't turn out okay if you give in to that...get up and do your spin class. Get your shoes on, go to spin class, and keep your head up. Do it baby. Get up, be strong and do it. Don't give up and give in..."

Galo...I love him. He knew exactly what I was thinking. He knew exactly where she was going. Sent from Heaven... right to me...straight from personal savior on earth. I put my shoes on. I went to spin. And, I just got home. Thank God...I didn't give in. I feel better now. She will not win.

I have to give credit to my great man. Thank God... Behind this great woman is finally a great man. What a true and utter blessing.

Thank you, God.

Thank you, Galo.

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  1. I love you too baby!!! You are heaven sent!!! I'm the lucky one!!!